Ranger Costume Ideas

Which Power Ranger do you want to be?  Choose the best Ranger Costume for Halloween!  Kids love superheroes.  You already know that.  But Power Rangers hold a special place in the hearts of kids simply because these superheroes are kids, too!  It just makes sense, then, that Power Ranger costumes are popular each Halloween among kids of all ages.

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Child Muscle Power Ranger CostumePower Rangers Special Ranger Classic Muscle Child Costume is the perfect way for boys to fight the bad guys and lead their friends to safety.

This biceps and shoulders of this muscle jumpsuit are padded, and will surely intimidate foes.  The long sleeves are white with yellow and black stripes, while the padded shoulders are yellow with thin black stripes.

The chest is also padded.  Although it is one piece, the decorative pattern makes it look like a black vest with a large, golden “M” in the center.

The pants of the jumpsuit are white, with the same black and yellow stripes that are on the arms.  At the waist is a belt that has a decorative gold clasp.

The face is covered with a mask.  The mask is adorned with gold and black markings, and black around the eyes (like a raccoon’s black markings around its eyes).

Although not included, you can complete the ranger outfit with white socks and a Power Rangers saba sword.

Deluxe Pink Power Ranger Megaforce Child Costume

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Power Rangers Pink Ranger Deluxe Adult Costume

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Power Rangers Blue Ranger Vacuform Adult Mask

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Pink Power Ranger Costume

Power Rangers Pink Ranger Deluxe Child Costume

If there’s one thing anyone who is aware of the Power Rangers knows, it’s not to underestimate the power of the Pink Ranger.

Now your little superhero can dress the part for Halloween with the Power Ranger Pink Ranger kid’s costume. This costume comes with the jumpsuit, the attached belt with belt buckle, and pink mask.

Your child may not pick up superhuman strength or speed with this costume, but she will definitely have what it takes to defeat the forces holding all of those treats captive on Halloween.

This costume is available in small and medium sizes.

Deluxe Pink Power Ranger Megaforce Child Costume

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Power Rangers Pink Ranger Deluxe Adult Costume

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Pink Ranger Sassy Deluxe Adult Costume

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Adult Red Power Ranger Costume

Adult Classic Red Ranger Costume

Did you grow up with the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers? Even if you don’t admit to it when you’re on a date or a job interview, chances are pretty good that you can still remember all of the adventures of the Power Rangers.

Now, you can play the part yourself with a Red Ranger Adult Costume. This costume features the iconic red jumpsuit, an attached belt and belt buckle, and the instantly recognizable Red Power Ranger helmet.

Add your own white socks and boots, and you’ll be ready to take on any challenge your costume party puts in your way!

Power Rangers - Red Ranger Classic Adult Costume

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Red Power Ranger Megaforce Muscle Chest Child Costume

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Red Power Ranger Megaforce Muscle Chest Toddler / Child Costume

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Ranger Costume

Love the show?  Then listen to the video for the Power Rangers theme song (no need to watch, it’s just the song).  No one can ever take them down!

Fun Trivia For The Power Rangers

The Power Rangers are technically called the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  It is a live-action TV show aimed at kids.  They debuted on 08/28/1993, and continue to this day in various versions.  They are wildly popular among children, especially younger boys.  The show has changed the number of Rangers they have, but there have generally been Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and White Ranger.  All the rangers are male, with the exception of Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  As you might expect, they dress in their respective colors.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been one of the most successful children’s television franchises in history. It took to the air in 1993 and became an overnight ratings and commercial success. It has led to a series of spin-offs, animated features, Power Ranger comic books, and even a full-length Power Rangers motion picture in 1995. The original television series was unique in that it combined footage of the principal actors shot in America with clips and additional footage borrowed from a successful Japanese show, but edited to appear as a single show.

Even today, almost twenty years later, the Power Rangers are a part of popular culture. With a Power Ranger costume, you or your child can experience of thrill of defending the planet from evil forces.